GetOn believes that a holistic approach to training develops students to be critical, confident and independent. It aims to make learning a process of self-improvement.

Apart from the courses mentioned below, GetOn also regularly hosts workshops.

Life Skills, Business Skills and a Health and Wellness Workshop are part of all our courses.

Office Administration

STICHTINGGETON02665 webDuration: 12 Weeks (Includes a 2-week internship)

Cost: R920.00

An office administrator is responsible for the smooth running of all business activities. An organisation, be it large or small, requires an effective administrator to ensure the organisation continues to function in an effective manner. Duties of an office administrator include, but are not limited to, monitoring of incoming calls (diverting, where necessary to various departments), processing of emails, organising of meetings, client interaction, managing a filing system and ordering of office supplies.

Our course is SETA accredited and provides students with the capabilities for entry-level administration jobs focussing on equipping our students with the necessary skills to ensure business activities are run effectively and efficiently. Both theory and practical knowledge is taught in this course allowing students to acquaint themselves with the office environment and technology.


Point of Sales (POS)

STICHTINGGETON01571 webDuration: 4 Weeks

Cost: R400.00

This course is SETA accredited and provides training for employment as a cashier, merchandiser promotor or sales assistant.

Students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to proficiently operate a point of sales system ensuring they can handle the multiple types of transactions with confidence and ease. GetOn has partnered with a number of large retailers giving our students added advantage of finding potential employment at these stores.


Basic Computers

Basic computer studentDuration: 4 Weeks

Cost: R350.00

Our computer training course equips students with basic computer skills giving them a solid foundation of how to use a computer. This course teaches both software and hardware components of a Computer and covers both theory and practical computer knowledge.

Throughout the course students develop skills in computer components, E-mailing skills, word processing skills and browser search skills. Students use this learnt knowledge to prepare personal budgets, Curriculum Vita's, cover letters and browser search for job vacancies.

"This course provides them with a skill that can lift them out of poverty." – Trainer

Bake for Profit

STICHTINGGETON01698 webDuration: 8 Weeks

Cost: R500.00

This course focuses on creating entrepreneurs by equipping students with both baking and business skills.

Students are mentored and guided throughout the course where they are given individual attention. Starter packs of the goods baked under supervision in class are handed out to encourage students to master their baking techniques at home. These products are then sold in their communities. Students are provided with skills to calculate their profits of their baked goods.

Entrepreneurial skills are developed in Bake for Profit enabling students to exceed their expectations and begin their own sustainable businesses within their communities. Students who don't wish to start their own businesses are well equipped to manage a position in a bakery.

"We are given an opportunity to go far, I am very grateful for the opportunity!" - Student